For decoration, Schröder has relied on good taste and originality of Yolanda Vilalta and Helena Jauma that from the remains of two old tables that found locally, have been able to create an atmosphere that traps for their creativity and beauty, respecting the original structure of a historic space.

Lit by the sun that floods him from the large glass modernist building overlooking the iron gave shelter to the Borne Market; or the warm darkness that envelops in the night hours, Café Kafka seduces a young star glittering, the coolest people in this open, Mediterranean, edgy, bohemian and cultural city that is the Barcelona of the XXI century.

With warm materials, many of them recycled like the Sputnik lamp 50s, with bulb multicolored, floating on the wages have recreated a warm, halfway between an eccentric home, a literary café and bistro Saint Germain.

On the walls, shelves offer classic books between boisseries and moldings on the original twinkling points of light and disparate mirrors. The fabric is soft velor seats: sofas in dark red delcomedor travel the perimeter and face vintage chairs upholstered in green with ocher and ancient studied disorder. The tables, square and small, have glass surface painted and brass spiked edges and rely on simple iron legs, reply and homage to those who remained on the premises and served as a base for decoration. They are intended to play puzzles, always in perpetual motion as a settlement for solitary couples, close friends or collected and feel at home families.

The bar attracts attention with its funny deployment of lamps. Bulbs carbon and multicolored balloons dancing opaline let their light drops to a wall mirror, stocked with the best liquor store there for the glass. No need for a traditional cover letter tips of the day handwritten on the glass, or the sinuous and soft wood profile that calls kinking it, correctly located on the beautiful multicolor rattan stools made in France on designs decorators with backrests and generous perfect height. The base of the bar, which runs from end to end local, decorated with pieces that recreate trims American fireplaces, made from two sheets of old iron found in a takedown.

The bathrooms are a kitsch divertimento the decorating team has created with humor and daring.

Outside, a display of antique mirrors and uneven, alternating with golden flowers cut from vintage wallpaper that accentuate the mix of styles and contribute to the amazing atmosphere of the piece, which is topped by a huge box that would fit into a boudoir.

Some recycled items such as a huge spectacle frame, bright one day chaired the facade of an optical, or the rack of a school, pay homage to one of the greatest European writers, Franz Kafka, in addition to good literature left us a world-the kafkiano- particular.